One Thousands Acts of Kindness

Dani Savekar. Founder of Glas.Life and Inspire Kindness


About Dani

Dani is the former CEO of her family’s 106 year old manufacturing business and has gone on to develop a framework to initially help other family businesses with alignment and structure. This led to her creating GLAS; Global Life Alignment System which incorporates 15 elements; one of these elements being kindness. GLAS is now used internationally to help teams with culture, businesses accelerate growth, family businesses to gain confidence and clarity and individuals to understand their identity and purpose while becoming the architects of their lives.

About Inspire Kindness:

Can carrying out 1,000 random acts of kindness change your life? What lessons can be learnt, simply from doing unexpected good deeds for people? Join #InspireKindness founder Dani Saveker for a brief look into the universal language of kindness, and why it’s so essential in the modern world.

After closing her family’s 106 year old manufacturing business, Dani decided to complete an act of kindness each day throughout January 2016 as part of her research for GLAS, but it soon became far more significant, in a way that went far beyond the regular nine-to-five.

Within three weeks she realised her daily acts of kindness, such as leaving a note and a packet of sweets on a stranger’s car, felt undermined if she later gave into road rage because she’d had a tough afternoon. She carried on completing the acts, but also allowed kindness to seep into every aspect of her life.

She completed 1000 days of kindness in September 2018 and is sharing the lessons she learned through school children, businesses, strangers, family and the elderly. Focusing on mental health and the opportunities that this has created in her life and that of her team and family.

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