Happiness is…

To be happy, shift to the 'untakeables' Dr. Immanual Joseph , PhD. CPC. Chief Compassion Officer Compassion Leaders http://www.compassionleaders.com Happiness is not about having more or having less. It is about embracing and appreciating what we have. In life there are the ‘takeables’ and the ‘untakeables’. Takeables are those things/experiences that can be taken away … Continue reading Happiness is…

In the steps of the Mahatma-Journeys to the land of non-violence


Mandar Apte- Social Innovator, Peace Activist and Meditation teacher. Founder of 'From India with Love'     About : Mandar is a Visiting Scholar in the School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution at George Mason University. Since 2016, Mandar is a Board Member of the Charter for Compassion, an international non-profit organization that promotes compassion in … Continue reading In the steps of the Mahatma-Journeys to the land of non-violence

When bullies bully

Shadi Pourkashef Founder, Ability Awareness Project Shadi Pourkashef is the Founder of Ability Awareness Project, a Laguna Beach nonprofit that provides bullying prevention education for children, parents and educators. The nonprofit’s new program includes appointing youth ambassadors within the schools to form a “Kind And Safe Schools Club” and provide support and guidance on a … Continue reading When bullies bully

Care for the Caregivers

Janet Fouts Founder and CEO, Tatu Digital Media http://www.janetfouts.com   Bio Janet Fouts is a mindfulness and emotional intelligence coach, best-selling author, speaker, corporate trainer, and CEO of Tatu Digital Media, a silicon valley social media management agency. She began her caregiving journey 12 years ago, when her partner was diagnosed with Cancer. She found … Continue reading Care for the Caregivers