From Homelessness to Kindness Hero

Karen Palmer Founder Global Kindness Revolution and a host of Spirituality Gone Wild   Karen  Palmer is the mom who  made a wish and started a kindness  revolution. She is the founder of The #Globalkindness Revolution networking with many to co-create a kinder and more loving world. She has been nick-named The Queen Of Globalkindness, and  … Continue reading From Homelessness to Kindness Hero

Journey to Why

Melissa Sutor, MS, MA Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Retreat Leader, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant Favorite Quote “This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.“ ­Maya Angelou Fearless and Free Attaining the “American Dream” through a high paying corporate job with health benefits was a grand prize for a young African­-American woman who had … Continue reading Journey to Why

A Plane Trip Of A Lifetime

Quote – “with passion and compassion, you can change yourself…and also the world” While I was the managing director at SAP Labs India, all the Operations teams (HR, Admin, Facilities, IT, Finance) reported into me. This team was responsible for ensuring smooth functioning of the entire 4000+ people organization. The team had around 120 people … Continue reading A Plane Trip Of A Lifetime

Inspiring Stories of Compassion at Work

Everyone has a story This is our effort to collect and share stories of compassion at work. These stories represent the best of human spirit as they manifest in the workplace. Whether that workplace is a doctor's office or a battlefield, humans are capable of extraordinary acts of kindness which challenge and change the status … Continue reading Inspiring Stories of Compassion at Work